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No Gym? No Problem!
You can still get a killer workout using no equipment at all.

Just last month my good friend and I did this awesome bodyweight leg workout while we were away for the weekend and didn’t have access to the gym and it was a totally spur of the moment, made up on the spot type of workout.

The little hotel gym that was on the resort sucked… Old flimsy equipment, no squat rack, basically your typical junky hotel gym. And to make it even worse it was packed with people. I guess all the tourists were feeling guilty from over indulging in the all you can eat buffet.

Anyway, we said the hell with the gym and decided to do some training outside. So below is our outdoor bodyweight plyometric style leg workout.


Here’s the leg circuit routine that we did:
– Walking lunges for the length of the basketball court
– 10+ box jumps on a 2 foot high box
– 10+ vertical jumps starting from a full squat
– 25+ 1 leg standing calve raises
– 25+ bodyweight squats on your tippy toes (i.e. aka hindu squats)

Repeat the circuit at least 3 times. If you are feeling extra energetic you can do more, but 3 times through will be a killer workout for most people.

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