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While traveling its hard enough trying to pack your entire wardrobe into a bag, let alone packing everything in your bathroom cabinet. You need to take those few essential items that can get you through your few weeks away without lugging loads of products from hotel to hotel. Thats why I chose to pack a few key products from GO24.7.

I came across this brand at a barber event I went to in Bondi at the Emporium Barber on Campbell parade, usually the goodie bags you get at these events a full of tiny samples but not here, it was full sized products which is amazing. You really get to try out the products and see how they work with your skin and hair.

The product I’m most happy with is the face scrub, its harsh enough that you feel like your giving your skin a good scrub but not so harsh that you feel damaged after. Your left feeling super clean and fresh. Same with the shampoo and conditioner, its just a super easy product guys will love that don’t need all that fuss.

If your looking for a great range of products that are at a reasonable price and are super easy to use. Check them out.

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