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When traveling its always hard to know what to do when you get to a new city. Your either the person who plans their trip down to the last T and knows what they are doing every minute, or your the type of person who just wings it and takes each day as it comes – I’m in the middle I like to have a few ideas up my sleeve and know whats hot and fun to do. Before I left I did research a little, I scrolled through s few Instagram pages and also checked out what friends had done while there. A few places I have to admit are a bit Instagram cliche, the Paul Smith pink wall, the Made In LA wall, or the new Hello wall outside the Carrera Cafe all on Melrose.

Venice Beach

One of my favourite places in LA was Venice Beach and the ride from Venice Beach to Santa Monica. We hired BMX bikes and road down the bike path along the coastline all the way down. Its just a chilled and fun way of seeing both places while getting in some site seeing and fitness while you enjoy the coastline. Bikes only cost us about $20USA each for a few hours. You can find these all along the Venice Beach walk.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

As cheesy as this might be its a cool thing to do, its kinda fun getting into the buzz with all the other tourist stopping each meter to take another picture with their favourite movie stars name on the sidewalk. We fell for the biggest money making scam along the strip, taking a picture with one of the action heroes. As sneaky as they are conning you to take a picture with them and then expecting a tip after its worth it, and they do work hard for it. They make the strip and bring a good energy and vibe. I couldn’t resist stopping at Starbucks for a ice coffee, people are right it does taste better in the USA.

Muscle Beach

This wouldn’t be everyones idea of a holiday swinging on two rings in the middle of the beach or working out in a outdoor gym with tourist taking pictures of you like your a money in a cage but it is fun and their is some good eye candy if the overly muscled up dudes is your thing.

I wasn’t game enough or have the body to attempt training in the outdoor gym with all the big boys but I did enjoy swinging around on the rings in the middle of the sand.

Stay Ace Hotel Downtown

We chose to stay at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. People have said its one of the “hippest” hotels in Downtown LA. If you are traveling interstate then one downside parking is only street. The rooms are by no means luxury, but they are super trendy, with big comfy beds, stylish bathrooms and full of character. One of the upsides to the hotel is their rooftop bar, relaxed outdoor garden, sun lounges and the giant jacuzzi on the roof to enjoy with your friends. On level 4 their is a good sized gym equiped with everything you would need for a good workout while away. The experience at this hotel is very different from many others, but spend at least one night here and you will not regret it, we booked again on our return to LA.


We should all experience one day as a child, and this is the place to do it. Disneyland is a place where everyone inner child can run wild and free. Enter a magical kingdom where you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive under the ocean and rocket through the stars all in the same day! Disneyland Park is a beloved LA destination where generations of families have made their Disney dreams come true. Opened in 1955, Walt Disney’s original theme park is divided into 8 extravagantly themed lands Main Street, U.S.A., Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown, Frontierland, Critter Country, New Orleans Square and Adventureland

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