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I fly to Melbounre a lot and I think I have stayed at every “trendy” hotel there is, until the Qt Melbounrne opened up. I had seen a lot of post from friends Instagrams about this amazing rooftop in the middle of the city, and I knew I needed to check it out when I was next in Melbounrne so naturally I booked my stay at the QT. 

Arriving I was greeted by the QTs bubbly door girls, cute short bob wigs and a big smile was a great first impression. Walking through massive brass doors opens to a trendy buselling foyer full of life. I got my room key and headed up to level 11. I chose the loft room when booking, from the description they were higher up and had amazing views. They weren’t wrong! The loft rooms were on the same level as the rooftop and the gym, double bonus for me.

Checking out the room I was impressed, so much room, monster bed, setting area, amazing bathrooms with sliding doors so you can block it off completely or have it open to the room. I loved the custom built furniture, with built in wardrobe full of trendy black accessories including my favourite plush cosy robes. The mini bar and snack bar was full of all those things you love, even things you have never seen before but now need to try. Another bonus was the selection of free movies, I just had to watch “bad moms” while in my robe and eating half my snack bar.. shows how exciting my night life is! 

Venturing out of my room I made sure I checked out and managed to squeeze in a quick workout in the fully decked out hotel gym, chilled on the amazing rooftop in the hotel’s restaurant, which features a bar, and views of Melbounrne’s skyline.

The rooms are filled with amazing goodies from beautiful bathroom products, great magazines in the lounge area to even a fully and I mean fully supplied mini and snack bar.


  • 133 Russell Street, Melbourne
  • T: +61 3 8636 8800
  • F: +61 3 8636 8899

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