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As a guy its always hard to know what we should be using on our skin, I have tried many products and loved some and not liked others. The older we get mens grooming comes even more important, I found Black Leopard Skincare and I love it.

Last week i was lucky enough to receive a gift package from Black Leopard Skincare, it arrived in a cool black box with a note from the awesome guys there. I waited to use it until I went away this week to Melbourne. Showering this morning in used the Hydrating Face Scrub. It was awesome, just enough scrub to make you feel like your cleaning your skin but not too much where you feel like its taken off a layer of skin like some products. After showering i applied the Anit-Wrinkle eye cream which just soaked into my delicate skin around my eyes then followed by Anti-Shine  Moisturiser. This I need, being a personal trainer we end up looking like a sweaty shiny mess by the ned of the day – so anything that can control shine ill take it!!

Check out their range, they have so many more products for the guy that cares about his skin but doesn’t want all the fuss.

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